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Séances de l'Académie Nationale de Chirurgie Française
RICF - 2 Émes Rencontres Internationales de La Chirurgie Francophone - Paris - Le 28 & 29 Novembre, 2022 et d'autres Séances . Download the Pdf Program
Special Lecture | Nov 17, 2022 Thursday | 2 Decades of Studies in UVEA, RETINA & VITREOUS  | Dr. Rodrigo Jorge  | Week 46.2022 | a640 Brasília  | a540 Miami |  p110 New Dehli
Media Mice Events, Mice TV, Mice Live, CAPE, Cake & Pie EXPO & Magazines and a lot more!
Great Event that Was! 1st Retinawesome World Congress (Retinawesome 18) | Nov5,2022! Challenging Vitreoretinal Surgery Cases | Vitreoretinal Societies  | download the Pdf
We are RetinawesomeFlix
The Event  |  Surgical Retina |  UFF  Rio de Janeiro  |  October 6, 2022 |  p730 Brasilia Time  | Surgical Retina  |  a BAYER EVENT
Challenging Case of Macular Pucker With Double Peel of Epiretinal and Internal Limiting Membranes
Vitreoretinal Surgery BASICS Pics from Fellows & Residents

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